105: Game: Dinosaur Escape Game

Key data

Category: G - Games

Location: O (On loan)

Instructions: INSTRUCTIONS

Age range: 4+ Years

Number of pieces: 26

Number of unique pieces: 11


1 Game Board

1 Dinosaur mover piece (Stegosaurus)

1 Dinosaur mover piece (Brachiosaurus)

1 Dinosaur mover piece (Triceratops)

12 Fern Tokens

5 Volcano pieces

1 Black volcano stand

1 special purpose die

1 box 'insert' with Instructions/game rules

1 plastic bag for pieces

1 cardboard box with lid (2 pieces)



Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: IMPORTANT NOTE: If any part of this toy is lost or damaged the member may be asked to replace it.

Common warning two: WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years - contains small parts.