IMA - Development of Imagination & Creativity

13 toys with this attribute

Toy Category Item Location
487: Creative peg puzzle P: Puzzles On loan
858: Pretend and learn doctors kit I: Imaginative On loan
783: Doll Set I: Imaginative In library
555: Mighty Mixer I: Imaginative In library
426: Wooden scoop & serve ice cream counter I: Imaginative In library
554: Spoolz B: Beginner toys In library
666: Farm Animal Hand Puppet I: Imaginative On loan
112: King of the Road T: Transport In library
551: Duck Fishing Game G: Games In library
671: Joeys Magnetic Pretend Play TOY: temporary category In library
718: Magnetic Build a Truck T: Transport On loan
684: Costume: Popstar D: Dress-ups In library
649: Marbletick TOY: temporary category On loan